Mandala Art with Mirror ( Set of 3)

Rs. 42,499

This intricate 3 piece mandala metal art with a mirror in the centre panel is a showstopper. This beautiful mandala is a symbol of the universe in its ideal form.  A statement piece combines aesthetics with function. Painstakingly designed and finished in a subtle shade of gold, this one pops against the dark background. Use it at your entryway, or a formal living room or even beside the dining area to give depth and interest.

Made in mild steel and custom painted in our signature shade of subtle gold with a mirror in the center panel. This piece is a set of 3 panels as seen in image. Big enough to cover a large wall, it is a play between the positive and negative spaces and with light and reflection.

  • Dimensions: Three frames of size 20 inches length x 40 inches in height each with a total dimension of 5 feet length x 40 inches height    
  • Material: Mild steel with mirror in powder coating and custom painted in gold finish
  • Number of pieces : 3
  • Installation and care: Clamps provided behind the piece. Clean with soft damp cloth
  • Suggested styling : Living room wall, entryway, or even in the bedroom
  • Ships from Bangalore, India

With this Mandala Art with Mirror ( Set of 3) Mandalas Art Wall Decor Set you will receive just the piece you need to create a stunning wall setting that is perfect for your home or office.