Artemis Antique Wall Mirror

Rs. 49,999

The Artemis Antique Wall Mirror is a beautiful mirror with a metal frame. Its sweeping curved edges and bow-shaped detail on the sides add elegance and beauty. Its large size and careful detailing maximizes the drama and dimension in a space. This vintage mirror goes beautifully with classical styled interiors. Perfect for spaces that need that little extra drama without being over the top.

Handmade piece by piece and fitted with a mirror by our skilled artisans, the Artemis Antique Wall Mirror adds elegance and style to the space. Finished in a brass gold shade that adds subtle glamour and is a forever favourite. Best used in entryways and foyer spaces and also in powder rooms or even in the dining area.

  • Dimensions: 48 Inches in length by 46 Inch height
  • Material: Mild steel with powder coating and custom paint and mirror set within the frame
  • Colour: Brass gold
  • Installation and Care: Install screw in the wall and hang like a picture frame. Clamps are provided behind the frame. Clean with a damp cloth when necessary. No chemicals or thinner to be used for cleaning
  • Number of pieces: 1 piece suggested
  • Styling: Powder room, entryway, living area, bedrooms, bathrooms
  • Ships from Bangalore, India